Claudia Hepburn has always been an artsy and creative person. Her whole life is all about making other people feel better about themselves and to motivate them to see the goodness and beauty in and around them. Art is a part of her, it is how she shows the world who she is. As a professional freelance makeup artist, she gets to enhance her client’s inner and outer beauty. Not only is she a make-up artist, she is an exceptionally versatile visual artist. The reason why Claudia became a make-up artist, is that it’s something that gives her the best of both worlds – People & Art. She completed her specialisation through Kohl Make-up Academy and proudly receive awards for Best Picture creative for producing the most creative overall photographic image, Award of Diligence for most consistent, committed and dedicated to the art of makeup and an award of excellence for completing the professional makeup design course with distinction.


What Claudia offers:
Conveniently Claudia offers a mobile service where she drives out to her clients wherever they need her. Claudia offers intimate one-on-one makeup classes for groups or individuals. She is a makeup guru in the fields of avant garde, bridal, special effects, beauty, editorial, historical.
Career Highlights:
Claudia has had the opportunity to work with distinguished photographers and companies like Richard Cook, Steve Castings, Henry Marsh Photography, Henk Steyn Photography, SJ van Zyl Photography, Deon van Wyk Photographer, Ziancka Creations & Photography, Maryke Albertyn Photography, La Li’s Photography, Picture Perfect Studios, RDK Photography, Dalton Dingelstad Photography, Pixel Pro Photography, Mighty Fine Agency, Hendrik Steytler Photography and Annique Health & Beauty.

Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is art. Makeup is passion. Makeup is expression.


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